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Saitama Prefectural University

Masters (Rehabilitation Science)

Doctoral (Philosophy in Health Sciences)

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Awards & Grant


Mission statement

model of knee joint showing multiple sta

Our research group has a strong interest in Preventive rehabilitation  for Osteoarthritis in Rehabilitation Science field. In particular, our Research Program consist of the context of joint Mechanobiology and disease. 

・Associated between osteoarthritis development/progression and joint instability
・How influence of mechanical stress/hormone metabolism affects chondrocyte functions, contributes to osteoarthritis development/progression
・How exercise contributes to osteoarthritis development/progression/prevention

I’m looking forward to working together !!


Recent work

●:Publication  Conference  Seminar  :Other

The science of Prevention for osteoarthritis rehabilitation (Japanese)

BIO Clinica. 24, 4 (2023) .

Kenji Murata, Sora Kawabata, Chiharu Takasu, Naohiko Kanemura

Mild treadmill exercise inhibits cartilage degeneration via macrophages in an osteoarthritis mouse model

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 24, Article number: 254 (2023) .

Yuichiro Oka, Kenji Murata, Kaichi Ozone, Yuki Minegishi, Takuma Kano, Naoki Shimada, Naohiko Kanemura 

Collaborate Lab. Article:  Kanemura Laboratory Homepage

CollaboratorYuichiro Oka (University of Hokkaido)

Clinical utility of markerless motion capture for kinematic evaluation of sit-to-stand during 30 s-CST at one year post total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective study

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 24, Article number: 254 (2023) .

Katsuya Onitsuka, Keisuke Kubota, Moeka Yokoyama, Taku Miyazawa, Toyohiro Hamaguchi, Hiroto Taniguchi, Naohiro Usuki, Satoshi Miyamoto, Ken Okazaki, Kenji Murata and Naohiko Kanemura

Collaborate Lab. Article:  Kanemura Laboratory Homepage

Osteoarthritis Research Society International 2023 World Congress. Denver. USA

Sora Kawabata (Graduate student, M2) and Takuma Kojima (Graduate student, M1), Kenji Murata participated in OARSI in Denver.

Excessive mechanical stress enhances mechanical stress sensitivity of cartilage through the mechanosensitive ion channel PIEZO2

Sora Kawabata, Takuma Kojima, Kazuki Takeshita, Hidenobu Terada, Chiharu Takasu, Naohiko Kanemura, Kenji Murata

A novel model that increases mechanical stress on articular cartilage without invasiveness into the joint

Sora Kawabata, Takuma Kojima, Hidenobu Terada, Chiharu Takasu, Naohiko Kanemura, Kenji Murata

Roles of piezo2 channel for stretch response in chondrocytes

Kenji Murata, Takuma Kojima, Sora Kawabata, Kenta Sone, Yuichiro Oka, Chiharu Takasu, Hidenobu Terada, Naohiko Kanemura

Effects of relaxin on degradation factor expression in chondrocytes and synoviocytes

Takuma Kojima, Sora Kawabata, Kazuki Takeshita, Hidenobu Terada, Chiharu Takasu, Naohiko Kanemura, Kenji Murata

Effect of Stretch Stress on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Cells to Improve Self-Healing Ligament Strength.

Chiharu Takasu, Hidenobu Terada, Takuma Kojima, Sora Kawabata, Takuma Kano, Yuri Morishita, Kiyomi Takayanagi, Naohiko Kanemura, Kenji Murata

Effect of infrapatellar fat pad fibrosis on the mechanical properties of the anterior cruciate ligament

Hidenobu Terada, Chiharu Takasu, Takuma Kojima, Sora Kawabata,  Takuma Kano, Kiyomi Takayanagi, Naohiko Kanemura,  Kenji Murata 

Ankle instability as a prognostic factor associated with the recurrence of ankle sprain: A systematic review

The Foot. 18;54:101963. doi: 10.1016/j.foot.2023.101963.
Sora Kawabata, Kenji Murata, Hirotaka Iijima, Kouki Nakao, Riku Kawabata, Hidenobu Terada, Takuma Kojima, Chiharu Takasu, Takuma Kano, Naohiko Kanemura

Join Saitama physical therapy association Meeting 2023 (Japanese)

Chiharu Takasu (Graduate student, M1) , Takuma Kojima (Graduate student, M1), Hidenobu Terada (Graduate student, M1) , Kota Nihei (B4), and Kenji Murata participated in Saitama physical therapy association Meeting in Saitama.

Prevention of cartilage degeneration induced by exercise (Japanese)

Medical Science Digest. 2022 Nov. 11;48:31-331. 

Kenji murata, Sora Kawabata, TakumaKojima, Naohiko Kanemura


MEMBER April 2023-

Kenji Murata

Assistant Professor

We are collaborating with Kanemura Laboratory


Sora Kawabata


Takuma Kojima


Terada Hidenobu


Chiharu Takasu


Aoi Mashimo


Ryuga Oshida


Kenta Sone


Shiori Nagata


Kota Nihei


Manami Takahashi


Miku Saito


Masataka Hori

DC Researcher

Soka Orthopedic Clinic

Hitomi Shono

MS Researcher

Yatsuka Orthopedic Clinic

†:Department of Physical therapy

‡:Graduate school of Rehabilitation Science

¶:JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

●:Biomechanics Research

:Animal & Cell Research

:Clinical Research

Honoka Nishikawa



Join the Our Research Laboratory

Our laboratory hybrid web meeting hold a week on Thursday  (Japanese time  PM7:00 start! )

Please e-mail  Kenji Murata for discussions,

if you are interested in joining us as a graduate student or postdoc

We could offer assistance as below for your research life.

Research Fellowships for Young Scientists
This fellowship is open for either Japanese citizens or for international students.


Post-doctoral Fellows:
Please apply several JSPS Fellowships and the like to join our lab as a post-doc.



North 122 room

820 Sannomiya, Koshigaya

Saitama, JAPAN

+81-489-73-4123 (Staff room)

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Saitama Prefectural university

Saitama Prefectural University

Masters (Rehabilitation Science)

Doctoral (Philosophy in Health Sciences)

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